No monkey business. We do what we say.

A B2B Business Development Consultant

I’m Jon Cunningham – and I’ve been involved in Business to Business (B2B) Business Development and Sales since the late 1990s.

I’ve worked in the UK, Europe and the US helping clients to grow their businesses, find new channels and sell to some of the biggest global companies (resulting in business worth millions).

I’m a Business Development Consultant backed by a small, skilled team; and as ‘Hob-Nob’ we’re proud to deliver huge value to clients who need a high quality, intelligent Business Development approach.

We help clients in a number of areas: B2B Business Development and Sales Consultancy, BD strategy and tactics, sales process optimisation, proposition/messaging development – and the use of systems/technology to improve efficiency and communication; for some clients I even manage their entire Business Development process/activity (with my team’s support).

Long as it is, this is not an exhaustive list – and I love speaking to people to understand their challenges and see how I can help them with their Business Development.

If you’d like to speak, I can be reached on 020 7099 9422 or using the contact form on this page.

No monkey business. We do what we say.

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